Seagull s6 Review

Seagull S6 This Seagull S6 Review is based on a guitar which comes from a company which admittedly has a very unique name for a guitar company. Seagull is owned by a Canadian company called Godin guitars which owns several other guitar companies and in general produces high quality products. Although this guitar is a little bit more expensive than the majority of guitars which have been reviewed on this website it definitely brings a lot to the table with a fantastic sound and some subtle, understated beauty. Read on for a full list of features as well as a complete review.





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Key Features of the Seagull s6

I’ve managed to once again find a great video on YouTube which provides a really good overview of this guitar. Not only does the man in this video talk through most of the main features of the Seagull s6 but he also plays the guitar to let you see what it sounds like and I must say it sounds excellent to my (admittedly untrained) ears. As always, for those of you who prefer to read for yourself rather than to watch a video, there will of course be a full list of features and a complete review just below the video. Enjoy.


Seagull S6 Review

Now as I mentioned above the video we shall move right along to the text based list of features and the complete review;

  • Understated Beauty. This guitar from Seagull is certainly not a flashy guitar. It has some reserved charm and good looks about it, and it certainly seems this charm lies in the simplicity of its design. There’s a great design around the sound hole, again it is refined and subtle but fits the guitar well. There’s also a tortoise pickguard which also fits in with the rest of the guitar design very well. All of the wood used in this guitar also looks really excellent. It’s the small subtle touches such as the black overlay on the head that really set this guitar off.
  • Well Built. The Seagull s6 is  built in Northern America and Seagull certainly promises a very well made guitar and one which is worthy of this somewhat more expensive price tag when compared to other guitars which are reviewed on this website. Not only does the wood in this guitar look great but it is also a very good quality selection of woods which really add to the design. There’s a solid cedar top coupled with a wild cherry back and sides all with a satin finish. The last neat design feature to mention about this guitar is the rosewood tailpiece with built in plastic endpins.
  • Great Sound Quality. The Seagull s6 sounds great and has a very pleasant tone. The high end is said to be not overly exaggerated but certainly sits well while the low end lacks some richness it has a definite presence about it. This guitar is also definitely not “boomy”. When you play the sound really does reflect that it’s a quality instrument which is being played and you can definitely hear the difference that quality wood makes to a guitars sound.

More Features of the Seagull s6

As some of you who have read my other reviews may know by now I usually like to split the feature lists into more than one section. This is because when trying to gain an understanding of a product it’s very annoying to attempt to read, understand and take in a huge, long and unbroken list of features. So with that being said, let’s keep on moving with the second half of this guitars feature list;

  • Tuners. Seagull is owned by a company from Canada called Godin, and with this guitar you get Godins excellent sealed chrome tuners. These are designed with quick and stable tuning in mind.
  • Comfortable to Play. Some guitars are uncomfortable for a variety of reasons, either the neck is a bit too wide, or it just doesn’t sit well on your lap or in your arms … and any of these problems can be extremely frustrating and definitely off-putting. This guitar from Seagull is very comfortable to play, just the right size to sit nicely in your lap and arms and has a slim 21 fret neck which is made from rosewood so it’s also easy on your fingers which is yet another bonus.
  • Warranty. Although I couldn’t find any specific information in relation to a manufacturers warranty, I’m sure there must be one because it would be very unusually if a guitar didn’t have a warranty – usually they have lifetime warranties. If you should choose to buy from Amazon their great customer policies and customer support services will cover you should you have any immediate problems.

A Seagull S6 Review

The best way I feel to start this Seagull S6 Review is in my usual manner of mentioning the general response which customers have had to this guitar. I must say, I have been blown away by the amount of positive reviews which some products that I’ve reviewed have received in the past … but this guitar is perhaps not only the highest rated guitar which I’ve ever seen but also the highest rated product that I’ve ever seen in general! You can take a look for yourself to see exactly what I mean, but to put it simply of every single customer review and rating which this Seagull S6 has received, every single one has been a 5-star rating … except for one – and that was a 4-star rating. Outstanding.

So as you may now expect, there really isn’t anything bad to be said about this product. Now with many guitars it’s a case of “you won’t find anything better for this price” however Seagull takes it a step further and it really is a case this time of you most likely aren’t going to find a better guitar for this price – or for twice this price. There has indeed been some customers so satisfied whit the Seagull S6 that they prefer it over the likes of a Martin guitar or a Taylor guitar.

The build of this guitar is really excellent and it’s thanks to this great build that the S6 sounds so fantastic. There’s a solid cedar top and laminated wild cherry back and sides – however this beautiful sounding guitar can even hold its own against more expensive entirely solid guitars, which is impressive. Indeed customers have mentioned that when you play a Seagull S6 you wouldn’t think that it has laminate back and sides!

Not that it needs to be mentioned again in this Seagull S6 Review but this guitar really does look excellent. It’s not flashy and doesn’t try to standout too much, it’s just a subtly beautiful guitar with some great refined looks. The cedar top, rosewood fretboard and wild cheery sides and back all look great … however there are also some other very nice touches such as a cool design around the sound hole and a black overlay on the head. It’s all of the small details such as the tortoise pickguard and semi-gloss lacquer finish that really give this guitar its understated beauty.

In conclusion, the price of this guitar is low enough that it makes it a reasonable consideration for a beginning guitar player whereas the amazing build quality and fantastic sound means that the Seagull S6 is also an great choice for intermediate players who are looking to move up from a lesser guitar. You definitely won’t find better for the same price, or even a couple of hundred higher!

Best Place to Purchase the Seagull S6

Without a doubt Amazon is the best place to purchase this guitar. They provide a fantastic service with cheap shipping rates and frequently offer big discounts on many of their guitars.

Seagull S6 Review

Additional Information About the Seagull S6

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